The Heart String

The Heart String

It is title of the poem that will make both sexes read it.

It will touch the person’s soul when it needs any question answered.

But the one question that will always pop up is, “Where does my heart lie?”

The Heart String has two ends a left end and a right end, with two sentences.

On the left end, it says “I don’t love you.”

On the right end, it says “I love you.”

From time to time, there is a puppet master, who swings the string from right to left.

The puppet master could be anyone, but for me it was someone, I thought I loved.

My heart was on his string, and he swung it (as usual from right to left).

There was times when we loved, when we fought, when I cried, when he lied, and finally when he cheated; at least until…..

Not too long ago, I cut the string and took back my heart.

It took me cutting that Heart String to realize that I gave my heart to probably the wrong person, my own puppet master.

It took me cutting that Heart String to realize that I am own master. But I will never become anyone’s puppet or puppet master.

So if you feel as though your heart’s on a string and it’s being controlled by wannabe puppet master, then remember this poem and cut the string, because doing this will make you become your own master.

–          Mia B


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