My Addiction

It’s something that I can sometimes never control,

It’s something that I know has a strong hold over


It’s My Addiction.

I am Addicted to something that is uncommon for some

And common to others.

Its power consumes me, to a point

Where I am forgetful towards everything and


It light takes me, out of my darkness,

But as some point, pulls me into a different pain.

How can it be controlled, how can it be handled,

when I let my addictions happen?

Though it can be seen, by others, in a distasteful


But seen by me, in a way I like.

I felt its hold, not too long ago.

It overwhelming hold,

How it pulled me in the day, when I felt not proud

or pleased.

I felt it consume me, to a point of

Exclusion from others, even to the ones most


It’s not my addiction, I blame.

But it’s myself, I let do it.

Now I have come to realize,

I do have an addiction.

But how am I to control something so powerful, so enveloping in its nature?

I think I might have figured out how to control it.

But I worry, what will be my consequence?

To lose something so powerful that I want it, or

To relieve myself of any strain it has on me.

How understanding can it is for my addiction?

When I say, I want a break to understand,

But it feels I want a break to end it all.

How do you explain to you addiction, why a break

will be beneficial to you both?

What will be its argument, which it might cause


I have no doubt about that.

But will we let that friction come between us or

Will we fight it and let this break help us and

Bring us closer together?

Hear me, I am not upset or mad I have this


But I believe this addiction will one day boil over.

I couldn’t bear to deal with it, if it happens,

Nor could my addiction.

But I will say when I am ready to return to my


Mia B.


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